Tom Holland Workout Routine (Get Shredded Like Spider-Man!)

Thomas Stanley Holland is best known for his role as the Amazing Spider-Man and as Nathan Drake in Uncharted.

The current Hollywood star has been acting since he was 12, and it was during a YouTube video everyone got to see his true physique.[1]

In the viral video, Holland challenged Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Harrison Osterfield to putting a shirt on while doing a handstand.

Since then, gym goers and fitness enthusiasts have tried to copy his workout and training program.

In this review, we will look at the routine Holland follows every day, his current stats, and learn more about the movie star along the way.

Tom Holland works out five days a week, taking the weekends off for rest days and relaxation.

Instead of working on getting massive gains or muscle pump, he instead focuses on strength, cardio health, and overall aesthetics using a workout split.

These exercises are dedicated to bodyweight movements, less than one-minute rest between sets, and completing the workout in one go.

Tom's bodyweight workout still uses weights, whether you are working chest, leg, or doing pushups on two fists.

Holland also prefers to perform a whole body circuit, meaning he will not just focus on single muscle groups but will work all major groups in a single session.

Typically you will find that he does a body circuit split, working upper body groups, then moving on to more muscle groups.

The superhero role required more than your average gym session and Tom's trainer had him pulling multiple session types leading up to the filming.

This included one workout doing standard exercises like dumbbell thrusters, renegade rows, and bodyweight vertical push movements.

The next session in the workout routine may include incline press, horizontal push movements, straight leg raise or posterior chain legs exercise and functional range conditioning.

The Spider-Man Circuit is a bodyweight workout with push and pull movements, leg muscle exercises, up top five rounds, or a four exercise circuit.

With his gymnastic background and calisthenics, Tom won't see a lot of treatment table time with a physical therapist.

But if you want to build muscle, enjoy bodyweight reps, and want to rest less, pull more, and spend six weeks running through the vicarious circuits, you won't be disappointed with the Tom Holland workout. 

Monday: Strength + Conditioning

  • Chin-Ups - 3 sets, 3, 5, 7, reps
  • Dips - 3 sets, 10 reps
  • Sit-Ups - 3 sets, 15-25 reps
2-Round Circuit
  • Sprint - 100 m
  • Box Jumps - 25 reps
  • Sub Kettlebell Swings - 25 reps
  • Spiderman Push-Ups - 10 reps
  • Plank Twists - 30 reps
  • Burpees - 25 reps
  • Sit-Ups - 25 reps
  • Mountain Climbers - 10 reps
  • Sub Kettlebell Swings - 25 reps
  • Sprint - 100m

Tuesday: Cardio

  • Warm-up running - 7 set, 10 minutes
  • Run 10 mph - 7 sets, 1 minute
  • Walk - 7 sets, 2 minutes
  • Cool-down Walk - 5 minutes

Wednesday: Strength + Conditioning

  • Wide Grip Pull-Ups - 3 sets, 5 reps
  • Weighted Dips - 3 sets, 10 reps
  • Sit-Ups - 3 sets, 15-25 reps
  • Run - 400 m
  • Spiderman Push-Ups - 10 reps
  • Clean And Presses - 15 reps
  • Bench Press - 12 reps
  • Dumbbell Snatches - 10 reps

Thursday: Cardio

  • Warm-up running - 7 set, 10 minutes
  • Run 10 mph - 7 sets, 1 minute
  • Walk - 7 sets, 2 minutes
  • Cool-down Walk - 5 minutes

Friday: Strength + Conditioning

  • Chin-Ups - 3 sets, 3,5,7 reps
  • Dips - 3 sets, 10 reps
  • Spiderman Pushups - 10 reps
  • Bench Press - 10 reps
  • Floor Wipers - 10 reps
  • Deadlifts - 10 reps
  • Hanging Knee/Leg Raises - 10 reps

Saturday & Sunday: Rest

Who Is Tom Holland? (Hollywood’s Latest Spider-Man)

Tom Holland shirtless

Tom Holland is an English actor that made a huge splash on screen as the next Spider-Man. His acting career started much earlier than that, though.

At the age of 12, he had a co-starring role in a musical theater role, where he went on to take the lead role later that same year.

He also attended the BRIT School of Performing Arts and dance school where he was noticed for his skills and went under the tutelage of choreographer Peter Darling.

His fame and notoriety grew from there, and he started appearing on television commercials, shows, and talk shows.

Eventually, Holland made it to Hollywood through voice acting, which led to a 2012 co-starring role in The Impossible.

Continuing to land roles, he finally landed the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the 2016 blockbuster Captain America: Civil War.

Holland works out every weekday, regardless of his acting duties, and plans a future as a Hollywood director.

He also carves out time to watch his favorite football team, the Arsenal F.C., and loves spending time with his father and siblings.

Exercise and workouts are not his life. He would rather be working sets than performing bear crawls or incline presses.

Tom also knows the value of eating only fist-sized portions (or two fist-sized portions in some cases), that the first round of a workout and staying in shape are worth it.

Tom Holland's Current Body Stats

As of this writing, Holland's current height, weight, and measurements are listed here. Since Tom is relatively young, half of these stats will likely change over the coming years.

But when you search for his workout statistics and body measurements, they will most likely always be less than what you expect due to his smaller frame shape.






141 lbs




12 inches


31 inches


38 inches


18 inches

Tom Holland Wearing All Black

Tom Holland's Workout Principles

If nothing else, Tom Holland is a man of habit and pushing his own limits. He doesn’t like sleeping much and will not sleep past 5 am very often.

He typically rises to play a round of golf early in the morning, alone, before he exercises or has dancing and gymnastics practices.

While he does watch his weight and tries to maintain an aesthetic and proportional appearance, there are roles and situations where he needs to gain or lose weight.

For these times, he turns to his personal trainer, George Ashwell.

When he landed the role of Spider-Man, he had to fit the part perfectly. He not only trained to be physically fit but used diet and exercise to maintain mental health as well.

Diet, agility, balance, flexibility, and weight training are all a part of his normal workout routine.

Tom Holland's Accomplishments + Awards

Holland is credited with multiple nominations for awards and prizes for his theater and acting performances.

His first film role landed his first award as a 12-year-old boy, and since then has earned another 8 awards so far.

Tom Holland’s Youth Awards

His first award was for his role as Lucas Bennet in The Impossible. He was nominated and won awards for:

  • Spotlight Award (The Impossible)
  • Best Youth Performance (The Impossible)
  • Breakthrough Performance - Male (The Impossible)
  • Young British Performer of the Year (The Impossible)
  • Best Male Newcomer (The Impossible)
  • Best Performance in a Feature Film (The Impossible)

Tom Holland’s Hollywood Awards

As his acting became more well known and his roles started to spread, he also won other awards for his portrayals on film.

  • Breakthrough Performance of the Year (Captain America: Civil War)
  • BAFTA Rising Star Award (2017)[2]

Tom Holland’s Misc. Awards

He isn’t limited to awards in the larger domains, either. Tom Holland has his hand on many golden and wooden statues.

Best Performance by a Younger Actor (Saturn Awards - Captain America: Civil War)

Choice Summer Movie Actor (Teen Choice Awards - Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Tom Holland won an award

Eat Like Tom Holland (Diet & Food Preferences)

Tom Holland, as a 26-year-old active and fit person, has the ability to eat pretty much whatever he wishes.

He doesn't have a strict diet for himself, though he does ensure he eats fairly healthy. In effect, there isn't a Tom Holland diet to follow explicitly.

Healthy eating and a conscious decision-making process about what and how often you eat are all you need.

Certain roles will cause him to change his diet some, but on a daily basis, he will pick fruit and nuts over sugary snacks and ingest a lot of animal proteins, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates.

Typically he will have fruit and eggs for breakfast, followed by a protein shake for a snack. At lunchtime, he will enjoy fresh veggies and a lean meat source.

His dinner is fairly simple, with lean meat and potatoes occupying his plate most of the time.

Tom Holland Eating a Plate of Food in a Restaurant Kitchen

What Supplements Does Tom Take?

Tom doesn’t require or use a ton of supplements as his metabolism and fitness levels have been high from a young age. He does take the following supplements daily, though.

  • Multivitamin
  • Vitamin D
  • Omega 3[3]
  • Collagen

Tom Holland Workout Routine FAQs

What body fat percentage is Tom Holland?

Tom presents a smaller frame and a high metabolism making it difficult to keep weight on. His slender build and lean muscle mass lead to an average of about 10 percent body fat.

How long did Tom Holland train for Spiderman?

In a recent interview about his workout routines and film journey, Tom Holland stated he gained about 15 pounds of lean muscle mass in less than two months leading up to the filming of Spider-Man.

How much can Tom Holland bench press?

It isn't well known or reported how much Tom can bench press, but he does regularly workout with an incline bench press using the equivalent of his own body weight (about 140 pounds) split between dumbbells in each hand.

Is Tom Holland a vegetarian?

No, he eats animal protein, eggs, and some cheese and dairy. He is not a vegetarian or vegan.

Does Tom Holland do his own stunts?

In the Spider-Man movies and Avengers titles, Tom Holland, with his dance and gymnastics background, did perform many of his own stunts. The more dangerous or drastic stunts were performed by a stunt double or CGI, though.


Tom Holland has had a recent meteoric rise to stardom with his Hollywood movie roles. It comes from a life-long passion for acting, dancing, and working out, though.

His standard "Spider-Man Routine" may not be something many beginners can jump into, but in time you can accomplish the same sets and reps as Holland.

While many gym enthusiasts and fitness gurus will steer clear of inverted bodyweight exercises, Tom Holland seems to love them.

Our guide will no doubt have you training like Tom Holland in no time.



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Last Updated on January 16, 2023