MaxKare Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer Review

MaxKare Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer

Indoor bikes are one of the most desired exercise machines for home gym. The catch is to get the one that suits your needs the best. I’ve reviewed several of indoor cycling bikes already and this time, I’ve taken a closer look at MaxKare Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer. MaxKare brand has been on the market for quite some time and reviewers are often contradicting each other, so here is my review for the product so that you can figure out if it is right for you. As my regular readers know, I’m testing all the equipment either by ordering it (then giving it away after a review) or in a public gym.

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MaxKare Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer Features & Specs

When comparing this to other products on the market in terms of price, it seems very affordable. The product is an eye-catching yellow and black in color but the range of features are what impressed me most. The bike works with a belt driven mechanism to ensure it is as quiet as possible when in use no matter how fast you are cycling. Both the seat and handlebars are adjustable and padded with foam to ensure maximum comfort.

The machine works according to how fast you peddle, which makes it ideal for those who are brand new to cycling and those who are more experienced. A screen is included which shows you all the stats you need to be aware of (i.e. distance and speed.) A bottle holder and a mobile phone bracket are included in this cycling bike which are features that some similar products do not have.


The assembly took some time, but thanks to the manual, it was pretty straightforward. If you’d prefer a video guide, here it is. The video wasn’t done by me, but it shows all the important details.

My Experience

The first thing I found when setting up the MaxKare Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer and actually using it, is how smooth the machine actually is.

It is so quiet, which is ideal because with my girlfriend in the next room when I used the bike, she didn’t hear a thing. The display really kept me motivated during my workouts. I aimed to increase my speed and distance travelled every single time which is how I knew I was making progress in terms of endurance.

In terms of stats, I am 5’10 in height and around 175 pounds at the time when I started using the bike. I have been using it almost every day for at least 30 minutes a time and have so far lost 15 pounds. I am now at 160 pounds but more importantly than weight, is the other changes I have seen in my body since I started using this product.

My legs are more defined (naturally), I feel healthier and fitter in general. While I used to get out of breath walking up a couple of flights of stairs, I am now working out more regularly and I actually enjoy doing it.

Pros and Cons

  • The display on the bike shows speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate and more. It’s really amazing to actually see how much you are improving every time you use the bike.
  • It is very smooth to use and the resistance can be adjusted slightly using your own movements if you require a more intense workout.
  • I am not a huge fan of exercise in general so I found the mobile bracket very handy. I could listen to my music and even watch a movie as I work out which makes the process something that is much more appealing.
  • The bike is a really sturdy item, it’s obvious that it is made of quality materials. I did not feel like I was going to fall off the bike or it would topple over, even when I was in full peddle mode.
  • The wrench included to put the MaxKare Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer together is quite flimsy and not an ideal tool to use, although it did the trick.
  • MaxKare should put a little more effort in regard to packaging. While mine was in top condition, many reviewers reported broken / damaged parts.


4.2 Star Rating 4.2 / 5

Of course, there are pros and cons to everything and MaxKare Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer is not an exception. Personally, I think there are more advantages than drawbacks to this item, in fact as you can see, the only con isn’t even about the actual product! I definitely made the right choice in purchasing this item and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their fitness and overall just improve their life.

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