IDEER LIFE Exercise Bike – Is It Worth Your Money?

IDEER LIFE Exercise BikeHave you finally decided that you want to settle for an exercise bike? But which one should you get? In this review, I will walk you through the features and pros and cons of Ideer Life Exercise Bike.

The problem with exercise bikes is that a beginner does not know what to expect from an indoor bike. Should it have a steel frame? Is LCD display a must? If yes, what should it include? Will it fit in my home gym? The list of endless questions goes on.

Lucky for you, I’ve done a thorough review of Ideer Life indoor bike, so let’s get to it.

Features – What Should You Expect?

Ideer Life exercise bike comes with a lot of great features, from adjustable seat to multi-functional LCD monitor.


  • Made of Heavy-duty Steel Frame
  • Flywheel weight: 24.3 lbs (11.02 kg)
  • Unit weight: 57.32 lbs (26 kg)
  • Unit dimensions (assembled): 53.15 x 21.65 x 45.27 inches (135 x 55 x 115 cm)
  • Max User Weight: 280 lbs (127 kg)
  • Transmission System: Belt drive (smooth and quiet drive)
  • LCD Monitor function: Scan, speed, time, distance, RPM, calories, pulse
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Rubber foam paddle handle bars
  • 1 Year Warranty

Assembly & Packaging

The bike arrived in one box, which weighted about 58 lbs. Ideer did an excellent job with packaging, since the bike comes mostly pre-assembled. Basically all you have to do is to put on handlebars, seat and paddles and then make the adjustments specifically for you. It should not take more than 30 minutes.

Contents of the package:

  • 1 × Exercise Bike
  • 1 × Toolkit
  • 1 × Monitor
  • 1 × Plastic Foot Set
  • 1 × User Manual

For starters – 100 km a day! My Experience with Ideer Exercise Bike

After the bike was assembled, I adjusted it to my best comfort. The entire construction is sturdy and strong. I was pleased to see that handles could be adjusted from 25.6 inches (65 cm) from the floor to 31.5 inches (80 cm), however, the handle bars cannot be tilted back, towards the rider, which is a con, especially for taller people. The handlebars are welded to one horizontal position into the frame and they are quite far-out, which means you have to lay down a bit to reach them. Because of this fact alone, I believe the manufacturer focused more on racing positions rather than simple upright position.

IDEER LIFE Exercise Bike Specs

The seat of Ideer Life Exercise Bike can be adjusted vertically, but also horizontally. I used the default settings and started biking. The online reviews about the noise level of the Ideer exercise bike were correct. The belt-driven system is much quieter than standard chain-driven systems. No argument there.

The bike comes with a knob to adjust the resistance, so the monitor will tell you the amount of tension that is being used. Another cool fact is that you can do stand-up cycling on this bike without any problems.

What this bike misses is a water holder. You either have to mount an external one or simply have the bottle of water on the ground next to the bike.

The LCD display comes with everything that you need, from speed & distance to burned calories. It is easy to adjust and large enough to check the numbers from the back of the room (not sure why would anyone want to do that, though).

Pedals are large enough and comfortable, your feet do not slip from them, but from their design they are built to use shoes / sneakers on them and not bare feet.

That’s about it.

Pros and Cons

With the experience described, let’s sum up the pros and cons of the bike.

  • Solid and Sturdy Construction
  • Quiet & Smooth Run
  • Seat Adjustable Vertically and Horizontally
  • LCD Display Does Not Miss a Thing
  • Affordable
  • The Handlebars can be Adjusted only Vertically, not Horizontally
  • Designed Mainly for Racing Position
  • No Holder for a Bottle

Final thoughts on Ideer Life Exercise Bike

4.5 Star Rating4.5 / 5

There goes my review for the ideer indoor bike. Would I recommend it? I absolutely would. Despite the few presented cons, this is one sturdy, comfortable and afforadable indoor exercise bike with the LCD display that offers more than an average individual could desire.