All types of treadmills require regular cleaning if you want to keep it in good working condition. A dirty treadmill can lead to problems with the belt or motor, which will keep your treadmill from running normally.  

Our guide will teach you how to clean a treadmill and help you learn about the most effective ways to keep your running normally.  

Cleaning your treadmill is an integral part of owning one. This piece of fitness equipment is prone to dust, dirt, sweat, and bacteria buildup from long walks and running workouts.

Whether you own a home treadmill or own a gym with treadmills, it is important to take the time to clean your treadmill by wiping down each individual part and ensuring the belt is tightened correctly as well as aligned.  

Every time your treadmill moves, the underside of the belt is rubbing against the rollers and the motor. This makes it possible to experience a lot of wear and tear. If you clean your treadmill regularly, you won't have to worry about replacing important parts, and your treadmill will last much longer.  

Why Is It Important To Clean Your Treadmill

Which Treadmill Components Need To Be Cleaned And Maintained? 

  • Drive Motor 
    The drive motor needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently because it is the engine of your treadmill. Without the drive motor, your treadmill will not run. To maintain the drive motor, you will need to vacuum and wipe down the area. Dust is the enemy of the drive motor because it can clog the motor and wear it down. 
  • Rollers 
    The rollers are the mechanism that allows the treadmill belt to “roll” and simulate walking or running for the exerciser. Vacuuming the dirt from the area is the best way to keep the rollers in great shape. 
  • Incline Motor 
    The incline motor allows the treadmill to generate inclines for walking or running uphill. The motor should be cleaned by vacuum. If you can get to the motor, you can also wipe it down with a disinfectant but make sure the treadmill has been turned off first. 
  • Incline Mechanism 
    The incline mechanism is part of the incline motor and, again, should be vacuumed. 
  • Deck Suspension System
    The deck suspension system is the belt and rollers together that create the treadmill deck that we workout on. This system will be cleaned when you vacuum and wipe down the rest of the machine. 
  • Belt 
    The belt can be cleaned normally with a disinfectant, but may need a vinegar solution if any signs of mildew or mold are found. 
  • Console  
    The console needs an electronic cleaner to avoid damaging the display screen. 

How To Clean A Treadmill: 6 Ways To Keep It Clean 

Cleaning your home treadmill doesn’t have to be a difficult task. We break down the steps for you here: 

#1 - Session Wipe Downs 

We recommend wiping down your treadmill after each session. This is the best way to avoid excess sweat slithering down and causing problems with the belt, which might mean replacing the belt, or even cause issues with the motor pieces. A dry cloth will work best for these after-session wipe-downs.  

#2 - Gather Supplies for a Serious Cleaning 

When it is time to thoroughly clean your treadmill, it is important to first gather your supplies. We recommend gathering a dry cloth, damp cloth, vacuum, electronic cleaner, and disinfectant cleaner. These supplies will work to clean all treadmills, including how to clean a NordicTrack, Sole, or Proform treadmill 

#3 - Vacuum 

We recommend vacuuming underneath the treadmill by using an attachment and moving the treadmill so you can vacuum the floor (this is particularly important for carpeted areas). Run the vacuum over the treadmill vents on the bottom of the treadmill as well. This is an easy way to remove excess dust and debris from the treadmill.  

#4 - Cleaning the Belt 

To clean the treadmill belt, use a damp cloth and disinfectant to wipe it down. Slowly roll the belt as you go to make sure that you are getting every inch of it. We recommend turning the treadmill off so that you can rotate the treadmill belt manually while cleaning. This is also the perfect time to adjust your treadmill belt and align it for a better workout.  

#5 - Get Rid of Mold 

If mold is present, you will need to perform an extra deep cleaning. To do this, use a vinegar solution (1 part water to 1 part vinegar) and wipe down the area with mold. This will help to kill mold spores. We do not recommend using bathroom mold cleaners because these are too harsh for most treadmill parts.  

#6 - Clean the Electronics 

Finally, finish by cleaning the display area on your treadmill. This area is where the electronic display is located, and you may have a TV console screen as well. Use the electronics cleaner in this area.  

Now you are finished. Hop on that treadmill and get your next workout in! 

How To Clean A Treadmill

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Why is my treadmill leaving black dust? 

If you have a new treadmill or if you wear new shoes, black dust may accumulate on your treadmill’s walking belt. Black dust decreases as the treadmill becomes older. If you find black dust on your treadmill, gently wipe it down with a cleaning solution and clean washcloth.  

Can I use Clorox wipes on the treadmill? 

Clorox wipes can be used on your treadmill. They do help to prevent bacteria and germs from overtaking your exercise machine. We recommend wiping down your treadmill with a Clorox wipe or another disinfectant at least once per week.  

Is WD 40 good for treadmills? 

No, it is not. The petroleum in this product can lead to the deterioration of vital treadmill parts. There are lubricants specifically designed for treadmills, and we recommend using treadmill-specific lubricants when cleaning your treadmill.  

How do you clean and lubricate a treadmill?  

If you do not lubricate your treadmill, then you may wear out your treadmill parts. You might wear out the belt, drive motor, and deck. Cleaning and lubricating your treadmill is easy and simply requires purchasing appropriate cleaning materials. Then you apply and wipe down the treadmill with those products, and viola! For more detailed instructions, read our above step-by-step instructions.  

How do I get sweat stains off my treadmill? 

To get sweat stains off of your treadmill, use a damp cloth and wipe down the area. If this doesn't work, you may need to use a treadmill-specific stain remover. It is easier to prevent treadmill stains, so try to wipe down your machine with a dry cloth after each workout session.  


Cleaning your treadmill will help increase its life expectancy and give you many years of exercise potential. Follow your treadmill’s manufacturer’s instructions and thoroughly clean your treadmill at least once per month for best results.  

Last Updated on April 16, 2024

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