One of the best ways to get motivated to work out at home is to make your home gym a space that you actually want to spend time in.

While the idea of lifting weights or running on the treadmill might not be enticing enough, decorating your home gym to suit your personal style and taste will certainly help with your fitness goals.

To help you get started, check out this guide on home gym décor for inspirational ideas on how to decorate small workout spaces. 

Investing your time and energy into building a small home gym will bring many benefits, but let’s talk about how to decorate home gyms. 

Here are 15 garage gym ideas to transform your home workout space into a place you actually want to visit:  

1. Embrace Your Favorite Color 

The first on this list of home gym ideas is an easy way to make your home gym feel more enjoyable. Simply embrace your favorite color - and go all out with it! 

If you love hot pink, use the color pink as a statement in your space. You can even go as far as getting pink weights or pink yoga props. 

Sometimes just a splash of color in your gym can help you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

pink gym towel, pink yoga mat, pink dumbbells, and pink yoga blockr

2. Get Some Motivational Posters 

While some of you may feel that motivational posters are cheesy and outdated, others will love these simple home gym ideas. 

Motivational posters are not only a great way to cover the bare walls of home gyms; they’re also great for getting motivated and digging deep during your workout sessions.  

motivational poster for home gym

3. Invest In Better Lighting 

You might be surprised by how much of a difference warm lighting can make in your home gym. 

If you currently have bright, fluorescent lights, investing in a few lamps, ceiling track lighting, or even some cozy string lights can really make for a bright home gym - literally!  

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home gym with ceiling track lighting

4. Be Strategic About Equipment Placement 

The way you choose to store and position your equipment can actually help to get your home gym decorating on track.

For example, you can hang your yoga or workout mat from hooks on the wall - something as simple as this can really bring some color to your home gym.  

In terms of general exercise machine placement and setup, just try to think about what makes the most sense - not only for your workouts but also for the aesthetics of the home gym space. 

Ask yourself questions like, does that stationary bike look better in the corner or center of the room?  

garage gym with treadmill, weight bench, and exercise bike

5. Paint, Paint, Paint! 

Painting is one of the easiest ways to change the entire look and feel of a room, and it can be done in an hour or two. 

Whether you decide to use muted, cool tones or bright pops of bold color is completely up to youYou can even paint abstract patterns or shapes on the walls!

Fitness equipment can also get the DIY makeover but its not always easy to do and depends on which type of gear it is.

home gym with orange painted walls

6. Use A TV As A Focal Point 

The focal point of your home gym’s décor doesn’t have to be a stunning piece of artwork. You can keep things functional by mounting a large TV on the wall.

When you don’t want to stream a workout class or watch your favorite show, set the TV screensaver to a cool landscape, city view, or family photo.  

7. Cover One Wall In Chalkboard Paint 

We’ve already mentioned painting as an easy way to decorate your workout room, but if you want to get even more creative with your paint skills, consider using chalkboard paint. 

Once it dries, this type of paint can be written on with chalk, just like the chalkboards you used in school.  

By covering one wall in chalkboard paint, you’re basically designating an entire surface as a place for listing your workout goals, achievements, and inspirational quotes from gym legends.

chalkboard paint wall in home gym

8. Hang Your Outdoor Gear On The Walls 

If you’re using your garage as a home gym, this next inspirational idea is for you.

Chances are, you’re also using your garage to store outdoor gear, like bikes, skateboards, surfboards, ski gear, maybe even kayaks and paddleboards.

If that’s the case, don’t let this gear go to waste! 

By hanging your outdoorsy gear on the walls, you might just get inspired to workout a little harder for an upcoming adventure you’re planning.  

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garage gym with outdoor gear hanging on the wall

9. Buy Some Potted Plants 

Potted plants can do wonders for decorating a space - even if that space is your home gym.

There are a lot of ways to decorate with plants; you can fill a shelf with delicate succulents, hang a few plants from macrame pot holders, or even get a small tree to fill up a bare corner of the room.  

But plants in a home gym can serve a greater purpose than simply livening up the space. Peloton says that:

Filling your home or office with greenery offers huge benefits. Research shows that indoor plants can also help reduce stress, improve concentration and productivity and boost the quality of indoor air. The same holds true for your workout space. [1]
covered calisthenics gym with potted plants

10. Hang Bright And Bold Curtains 

If you’ve got windows in your home gym space, you’ll definitely want to use them as inspiration for decorating.

Just like using paint or potted plants, the right curtains or window treatments can transform the space from drab to fab 

home gym with large equipment and bright curtains

11. Invest In Large Mirrors

You’ll see large floor to ceiling mirrors lining the walls of most commercial gyms, yoga spaces, and barre studios. 

Not only do floor to ceiling mirrors allow you to check your form when working out, but they’re also great for making your home gym feel instantly larger. 

Many people cram their home gym equipment into too-small spaces as it is, so using large or framed mirrors is an easy way to make the area feel less cramped and claustrophobic. 

woman picking up dumbbells and looking in the mirror

12. String Decorative Lights Across The Ceiling 

Although "invest in lighting" has already been mentioned, string lights deserve a spot of their own on this list.

String lights aren't just for the Christmas season anymore, and as it turns out, many people are using them to brighten up their home gym.  

You can find a lot of string light options on Amazon, or check out a retailer near you like Target or Walmart.  

decorative string lights in garage gym

13. Install A Cubby System 

Cubbies are all the rage in commercial gyms and workout studios, but they can be just as useful (not to mention aesthetically pleasing) in a home gym.

They're excellent for keeping things organized but also great for decorating.  

For example, you can use some of the cubby holders to store your gym equipment and accessories, but you can dedicate others to decorating the wall.

The decorative cubby compartments can be used to show off potted plants, workout books, healthy-eating cookbooks, room accents, and more.  

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cubby system in home gym

14. Install A Pegboard On Your Gym Wall 

Similar to a cubby system, installing a pegboard is an excellent way to keep your home gym organized.

Pegboards are typically used for home hardware storage purposes, but they’re also great for small gym equipment, power rack accessories, and yes, décor. 

Once the pegboard is installed, you can then use pegs to hold shelves, hang a workout mat, or even hang your gym bag, etc.  

organizational pegboard on gym wall

15. Use Wall Decals 

If you like the idea of painting, but you don't want to permanently change the walls, why not use a fun wall decal instead? 

Wall decals are basically just massive stickers that easily stick to a wall surface. You can find them in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs. 

There are pretty floral designs, bold abstract designs, and even inspirational quote decals out there.  

beast mode decal on home gym wall

Why Decorate Your Home Gym? 

Aside from putting your interior design skills to the test, the biggest benefit of decorating your home gym is that it might just serve as motivation in your fitness routine.

Whether your personal style is warm and cozy or manly and industrial, enhancing the space to fit your unique style can act as inspiration and ultimately motivate you to exercise [2].  

Think of it like this… if your home gym is simply an afterthought with equipment tucked into a dark corner of the garage or a mat laid out in your dimly-lit basement gym, chances are, you won’t want to spend much time there. 

This can have a negative impact on your workout routine, and it might even keep you from working out altogether.  

But if the space has been decorated to your liking, it’s much more likely that you’ll start viewing your home gym as a safe space, maybe even as your own personal haven.

Remember, the first step in working out is to actually make it to the gym, and you can use décor as motivation to get there.  

Frequently Asked Home Gym Decor Questions

How can I make my home gym more fun and inviting?

The best home gym décor should reflect your personal style and taste. This is YOUR home gym, so don’t decorate it how you think it should look; decorate it how you want it to look. If that means keeping things sleek and simple, go for it. Or maybe you prefer to paint each wall a different bright color. There's no right or wrong here; just go with what feels right!

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Where is the best place to buy decorations for home gyms?

You can start by browsing on Amazon. Amazon has EVERYTHING, so chances are, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need here to decorate your home gym. If you prefer shopping in-store, head to a big retailer like Walmart, Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, etc.  

Where should I put my home gym in my house?

Ideally, you’ll designate an entire room as your home gym. This could be a spare bedroom, the basement, the den, or the garage. An entire room will give you space for all of the necessary equipment to get and stay fit, but if you don’t have a room to spare, feel free to use whatever square footage you have available.

How much space do I need for a home gym?

This depends on your general workout routine and the equipment you’ll be using. If you only plan on doing yoga, you’ll just need enough space for a yoga mat, but if you have weight machines, a power rack, a weight bench, and more, you’ll need a much larger square footage for your home gym.


You might be surprised by how much your workout routine improves just by hanging up a few pictures, investing in proper lighting, or slapping a funky paint color on the walls.

Hopefully, these easy home gym decorating ideas have given you enough inspiration to get started! 




Last Updated on April 16, 2024

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