Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage Review

No home gym is complete without a power cage. For those who’ve never heard of a power cage before, they’re pieces of fitness equipment that are designed to help when lifting weights. In a standard gym, you would have a spotter on hand, just in case something slipped or you lifted a barbell with weights that were too heavy.

It’s a bit different when you’re at home, lifting weights by yourself. You could end up in a very dangerous situation fairly quickly. This is where the power cages come into play. They are designed to catch the weights for you, thus making it much safer.

The Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage is one of these pieces of equipment. The real question is: does it work as it claims to? I tested out this device in order to conduct a thorough review. Read on to find out about my experience.

Product Specifications

Product Weight

102 lbs

Weight Capacity

500 lbs

Safety Features

Catches & Floor Attachment



Scratch Resistant


The Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage is what’s known as a half-rack. This means that it’s not a full cage. The main difference between the two is the overall size of the fitness equipment. A full cage has four vertical bars on the corners that connect to some overhead “beams” (for lack of a better word.) These full cages take up quite a bit of space but are very versatile.

On the other hand, a half rack is smaller, as it only consists of stable footers, two vertical bars, and one single overhead bar that connects them. While your exercises are somewhat limited (but only somewhat) it takes up much less space in your home gym.

Just like with full cages, it’s very easy to fit a lifting bench inside of a half rack. This particular model, the Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage, has an optional bench that connects to the footers for additional stability. Of course, this bench is sold separately.

Features of this Power Cage

The Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage comes in black with blue accents. The overall structure of the half cage is made of black metallic powder-coated steel, and the weight catches (all of which are adjustable in height) are a bright blue, as is the pull-up bar at the top.

This really makes this piece of fitness equipment stand out in a home gym. If you’re like me, then you don’t mind that your equipment doesn’t match, but if this is something that you care about, then you need to keep this color scheme in mind.

Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage

Since the four weight catches are also made of powder-coated steel, the power cage can also double as a weight storage rack when it’s not in use.

This is particularly useful, especially if you don’t have a lot of space. I always appreciate it when my fitness equipment handles more than one thing at a time. It makes the expense more justified.

Not only is the Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage very useful (in more ways than one, as I explained) but it also has floor attachments.

These provide with some additional stability, as you can anchor it in place, without drilling into floor itself. Other workout attachments (some of which are sold separately) include those for resistance.

Overall, the Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage is 61.42 inches wide, 45.67 inches deep, and 85.04 inches high. It weighs 102 pounds. It can support up to 500 pounds of weight. All of the safety catches and floor attachments are adjustable, making it easy for you to get this power cage to meet your workout needs.

About The Fuel Pureformance Brand

Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage - Catches.jpg

The Fuel Pureformance brand is a line of fitness equipment under the CAP Barbell name.

CAP Barbell has been in business for over 25 years, and they specialize in selling things like half cages, full cages, weight benches, medicine balls, inversion tables, and more.

The company started out by producing only free weights and weight benches, but they have since expanded. 

Other lines sold by CAP Barbell include Tone Fitness, Velocity Exercise,  EasyFit, CAP, CAP Strength, CAP Yoga, and CAP+.

Their equipment can be found in home gyms and in professional fitness centers around the United States. They have five different fulfillment centers, including those in Savannah, GA, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, and Newark, NJ.

Pros and Cons

As with all pieces of fitness equipment, the Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage has a few pros and cons. I’ll list them here.


  • Can support up to 500 pounds of weight
  • Made of tube steel for strength
  • Powder-coated finish resists scratches and rust
  • Upper bar doubles as a pull-up bar
  • Floor attachments prevent it from toppling over
  • Can use it to store Olympic bars and weights


  • Only come in one color combination
  • The weight bench is sold separately
  • Only a half cage, which limits your workout potential
  • Might be too tall for smaller home gyms

My Experience with Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage

After having spent some time with the Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage, I can honestly say that this piece of fitness equipment is worth the cost. The Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage fits nicely in my home gym. It doesn’t take up as much space as a full cage, which is nice since I have room to move around in there now and complete additional exercises.

Although the weight bench pictured with the power cage is nice, it’s designed to be compatible with many others, so don’t feel as though you have to buy a new bench to go with it. I certainly didn’t. I just followed the enclosed instructions and attached my old bench to the base of it.

The Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage easily supported 500 pounds of weight, and it did double as weight storage, just as advertised. (Trust me, I put this to the test.) The pull-up bar is very sturdy, and the metallic finish, which is hard to see in pictures online, is actually quite nice in person. It adds a little extra detail that you don’t find in many pieces of fitness equipment.

I tested this device out with some of the additional attachments that I had on hand. With them and my full set of weights, I was able to do a number of different exercises, including barbell shrugs, biceps curls, rack pulls, hanging leg and knee lifts, chin ups, pull ups (there’s a difference, as though of you with plenty of workout experience are aware), and inverted rows.

The Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage managed to handle all of them with ease.

Final Thoughts

Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage
116 Reviews
Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage
  • Steel construction
  • Oversized tubing and powder-coated finish
  • Abundance of training features
  • Metallic finish with striking blue accents

Overall, the Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage is a worthy piece of fitness equipment. It not only looks great in a home gym, but it takes up much less space a traditional full cage. Those of you with limited space will appreciate that detail. The fact that it can support up to 500 pounds of weight and has floor attachments for support only add on to its usefulness.

If you want a small power cage that doubles as a weight stand when not in use, and don’t have a lot of space in your home gym, then you need the Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Power Cage. It’s one purchase that you won’t forget.

If you would prefer something of a full-commercial quality, then check out Fitness Reality X-Class power rack.

Paul J

Last Updated on December 16, 2022