Creatine has become an extremely popular sports supplement over the last few decades; it helps you increase muscle mass, strength, and focus. Does it have any effects beyond muscle building?

You might be wondering whether it makes you hornier or if it has an impact on your sex drive.

This comprehensive guide gives you all the truth you need to know about creatine supplementation and your sex drive.

After decades of research and over 500 medical publications on creatine and its effect on the human body, there’s never been any scientific data to suggest creatine supplementation makes you horny.

Now, this may or may not be the answer you wanted to hear. However, creatine has many benefits, which could indirectly help you in the bedroom.

Hear me out on this one…

As creatine is well known to improve stamina, it could, in theory, translate into the bedroom. The mental focus you get from taking creatine is also a positive factor that could be useful in the bedroom, keeping you more alert. More alert and increased stamina & energy levels sounds good, right?

Linking back to your sex drive, a 2009 study took college-aged rugby players and placed them on creatine to measure the supplement’s effects on testosterone.[1]

It was found that taking creatine supplements could increase DHT levels, which is more potent than testosterone.

Another study took two groups, placing one on creatine and the other on a placebo for 10 weeks.[2]

During this time, those taking creatine had increased strength and more testosterone.

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As both of these studies indicate creatine can increase testosterone (even slightly), it would make sense that increased testosterone levels would have a direct effect on your sexual desire. Yet, this is to be proven by a study clearly linking creatine and increased libido.

Another aspect to consider is that this scientific evidence links creatine to improved physical performance, such as with weight lifting. Weight lifting is well known to increase your body's testosterone levels, which could, in turn, raise your libido.

So while creatine could have a direct impact on your testosterone, I’d say you’d get more benefit from the increase in testosterone when you lift weights.

From a personal perspective, I’ve clearly noticed an increase in testosterone levels once I’m following a workout regime. My energy levels are generally higher, muscle mass improves, and so does sexual desire.

I recommend workouts with a combination of weight lifting for muscle mass and increased testosterone, and some cardio (helps with blood flow and keeps your heart healthy).   

Can You Have Lower Sex Drive After Taking Creatine?

Maybe, but probably not.

If you scour the internet, there are many forums that contain anecdotal tales from people who've said their sex drive dropped once they began taking creatine.

Apparently, the libido drop-off occurred almost immediately after they started taking the supplement, with some reports of a lower amount of erections.

However, once they stopped taking the supplement, their sexual desire and sexual function went back to normal.

Now before you panic and start throwing your creatine into the bin, I’d take these claims with a pinch of salt.

While I do not doubt that these individuals have experienced lower sexual desire, there are many reasons why this might have happened.

One of the leading causes of decreased sexual function is low testosterone levels. If you suspect your hormones aren’t as they should be, I suggest seeing a healthcare provider or doctor to find a solution to your problem.

Other aspects which can have a negative impact on your sexual desire are:

  • Stress
  • Alcohol
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of exercise
  • Overtraining
  • Poor diet (lack of fats, minerals, and vitamins in foods)
  • Smoking
  • Drugs
  • Steroids
  • Aging

From my experience, taking creatine has never had a negative effect on my sexual arousal. If anything, creatine improves my mood, I train better during my workout, which lowers my stress, and I eat a better diet.

Overall, I’m more healthy when I use creatine, and it’s easy to see the difference.

Man Looking At His Shoulder Muscles

Does Creatine Help You Last Longer In Bed?

It's entirely possible that the benefits of using a creatine supplement could translate into your performance in the bedroom. Many men are often looking for ways to last longer in bed.

So if you're one of them, or you want a significant increase in your performance, this section is for you.

When it comes to taking creatine, there is a direct link to improved overall sports performance. Studies have used athletes, bodybuilders, and the general population and have found increased muscle size, muscle recovery, endurance, energy, and mood.

As scientific evidence points to more energy and endurance, you can see how this could benefit you in the bedroom.

While there could be a link between creatine and lasting longer, there is yet to be any solid evidence linking the two. In other words, there has yet to be a study on this important question.

And, if the scientists ever decide to test this theory, I’m guessing there will be plenty of guys looking to participate in this study.

Oh, and for any women reading this, if you want to help your partner last a little longer, maybe slip him some creatine and a look at this article.

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Does Creatine Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

While it's possible creatine supplementation could help with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) by increasing blood flow to the penis, there's no "hard" (excuse the pun) evidence to support that creatine increases blood flow to your private area.

However, you can understand why the idea could be plausible.

Creatine could contribute to improving your erection as it has been found to increase blood flow to the area of your body that you’re working. It does so by expanding the blood vessels, leading to improved oxygen and nutrient delivery.

It would make sense to think that a creatine supplement could improve sexual function in a similar fashion, helping your penis draw more blood to the area during any “physical activity” you’re performing. 

Increased blood flow can also have a direct impact on your body’s ability to remove waste products like lactic acid. By doing so, your working muscles have improved endurance and keep fatigue at bay for longer.

Another way creatine supplementation can help is by increasing the amount of blood plasma in your body.[3]

Increased blood plasma levels can help improve your blood flow, which is something anybody with ED should aim to do.

Increased blood volume can improve your hydration, reducing dehydration and cramping during exercise (and sex).

Overall, taking creatine won’t be the secret to solving your ED issues, but it could have an indirect effect on the blood flow to your penis, improving your erection.

It’s important to note that these statements aren’t fully supported by much evidence…yet. But you could use it as part of a greater ED supplement stack; it might help.

If you're suffering from ED, always speak to somebody trained in dealing with ED and sexual performance; they're better equipped to handle the issue.

Stressed Man During Workout

Can Creatine Lower Stress And Make You More Relaxed?

In short, yes, creatine can help improve stress.

It’s no secret that sexual arousal (or lack of it) is related to your stress levels. A study has shown that working in a stressful environment where burnout often happens lowered the sexual desire among a group of women.[4]

Even though this study assessed the effects of stress on the female sex drive, stress has the same effect on men.

So how does creatine come into this? - Easy, creatine not only has a significant effect on your performance but also on your mental state. When you take creatine (with or without going to the gym), you can feel more relaxed, less stressed, and hornier.

Now men, listen up; here’s a tip for you if you want to increase the chances of putting your partner in the mood for some “fun”... make the house tidy.

It sounds simple, but doing the dishes and taking out the trash might seem like small gestures, but if it helps your partner feel less stressed, you’ll get more sex.

I know this from personal experience (just don’t tell your partner that’s why you’re helping out more around the house).

So a quick summary of this point: Taking creatine = less stress, and less stress = more sex. - What’s not to like?

Questions About Creatine Increasing Sex Drive

Does creatine increase testosterone?

Yes, creatine has been shown to increase your testosterone levels, which could make you feel more horny. However, there are no direct studies linking creatine and horniness.

Does creatine affect your sperm count?

Yes, creatine does affect your sperm count. It enhances the fertilizing capacity of your sperm.[5]

Can you take creatine with Viagra?

Yes, you can take creatine with Viagra. There is no negative side effect of taking both together, but I would recommend talking to your doctor before you start taking both of them.

Does Creatine Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

No, there is no evidence that creatine causes Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It could be the opposite and might help you prevent ED from happening.

Does Creatine Help Sexually?

Creatine can help you sexually as it boosts testosterone, enhances performance, builds muscle tissue, and improve endurance during intense exercise.   


While it might or might not be the answer you wanted to hear, it’s unlikely that taking creatine will make you horny or drastically reinvent your sex life.

However, creatine aids your physical performance, energy, stamina, and blood flow, which could give your penis the boost you’ve been looking for.

It’s worth remembering that these claims are yet to be scientifically proven, but it’s worth the possibility, right, fellas?

Give creatine a go and see how it affects your sexual drive.


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