From time to time, bizarre trends appear in the fitness world. TikTok and YouTube challenges have made such trends more common than ever before.

After what began as a joke at one popular bodybuilding YouTube channel, more people started asking the question: can you snort creatine?

Let's get straight to the answer: No, you should NOT snort creatine! Just because something can be snorted doesn't mean it should be.

In this article, I'll tell you more about health risks and everything else you need to know about snorting creatine.

While it may sound like a quick and easy way to get the supplement into your system, in reality, it can actually be dangerous and ineffective, leaving you in a world of trouble.

Think of it this way: would you snort a protein shake or beef? Of course not; that wouldn't be safe or reasonable!

Just like those foods, creatine must be properly digested in your stomach and broken down by your digestive system before your body can use it.

Inhaling creatine bypasses all of that and can reduce the supplement's effectiveness.

What Happens If You Snort Creatine?

Snorting it can lead to a host of issues, from nasal irritation to potential damage to your lungs and other organs.

Creatine is intended to be taken orally in pill or powder form. For the best possible bioavailability, creatine monohydrate has to be dissolved in liquid.[1]

The whole snorting-creatine thing is about this amino acid reaching the bloodstream faster, but it is completely unnecessary! Creatine is not a pre-workout that works immediately.

It takes days (if cycle creatine) or weeks (regular approach, 5 grams per day) for creatine to accumulate in muscle cells and show performance improvement.

That is why it is irrelevant whether it will reach your bloodstream and be absorbed instantly or in an hour.

A Scoop Of Creatine Powder

Can Creatine Make You Feel Sick?

Creatine may make you sick, even if you take it orally as you should. Nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, and stomach cramps are side effects.[2]

In my experience, creatine will not make you sick if you do not take it on an empty stomach. I only felt unwell after taking creatine first thing in the morning.

Snorting creatine can, of course, make you sick, or to be precise – it will make you ill, no doubt. That unsafe practice can cause so many different symptoms. I hope you will never try to take it through your nose.

Can You Get High From Snorting Creatine?

Although it is a white powder similar to cocaine or some other illegal drug, it won't make you high. Snorting creatine will have virtually no effect on the brain.

If you are still wondering, keep in mind it is only an amino acid (the building block of protein), and there is no mechanism for it to affect your consciousness, even when snorted.

Is Snorting Creatine A Health Risk?

Trying to snort creatine could lead to serious health consequences, like nosebleeds, infections, and even damage to your sense of smell.

As someone who has suffered from migraines all my life, I personally have the impression that snorting creatine powder could also cause terrible headaches.

Since this is an entirely unknown topic, who knows what other risks it carries? Hopefully, this trend will disappear sooner rather than later, and clinical studies will not be needed.

Plus, let's be real here: snorting a powder is just plain gross and not worth the risk.

Snorting Creatine Common FAQs

Can you snort creatine pills?

No, you can’t, and you mustn’t snort creatine pills! That could be even more dangerous than snorting creatine powder. Adhere to standard methods of taking pills.

Can creatine kill you?

Theoretically, huge doses of creatine may kill people with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD).[3] However, the realistic chance of this happening is only hypothetical for healthy adults if they consume reasonable doses orally.

What are the negative effects of creatine?

There are not many negative effects of creatine. It is one of the safest supplements you can use. Side effects are rare and mild, including diarrhea, bloating, and dry mouth.

Do bodybuilders snort creatine?

No, bodybuilders certainly don’t snore creatine. They are very aware of how dangerous and stupid that is. They drink dissolved creatine regularly for the best possible results.

Final Thoughts: Are There Any Benefits Of Snorting Creatine?

Please understand. If you want to add creatine to your supplement regimen to boost strength gains, stick to the tried-and-true method of taking it orally. Mixing it with your favorite protein powder or simply with water is best.

Remember, just because something may seem like a shortcut or a hack doesn't mean it's safe and/or effective. When in doubt, do your research, follow the guidelines, and consult with a doctor or certified trainer before trying something new that might turn out to be a bad idea.

I hope I have cleared up any confusion regarding snorting creatine.


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