Body Champ 5-In-1 Multi Function Power Tower Reviewed

Hah! I guess you’ve landed on my review because you are interested to see if Body Champ Power Tower is the right choice for your home gym. Well, you’ve landed on the right place. I was lucky enough to review this beauty in one of the local gyms.

Product Specifications

Assembled Dimensions

48" L x 43" W x 84" H

No. Of Mounting Positions


Product Weight

84 Lbs.

Max User Capacity

300 Lbs.

No. Of Exercises

12 Muscle Groups


1 Year Limited

While Body Champ officially states that this particular power tower should not be used commercially, at least the owner of the gym will find out what it can handle. I’m kind of excited as well, since this is the first time I’m reviewing a piece of fitness equipment made by Body Champ.

So, let’s dive right into features and specs.

The assembled product dimensions are 84″ x 43″ x 48″ (213 x 109 x 121cm) and the weight is 84 lbs (38.1 kg).

The power tower includes all the basics, plus something not so common among power towers:

Feature Summary:
  • Dip station with 7 height options
  • Pull-up grips with 2 options – narrow and wide
  • 2 Abs straps
  • 2 Inverted pull-up sling straps
  • Built-in sit-up bar
  • Supports up to 300 lbs of weight (dip station and chin up bar)
  • Made of sturdy steel reinforced frame
  • 1 year frame warranty, 90 days for other parts
Body Champ Multi Function Power Tower (VKR1987) Specs

Package & Assembly

When I asked the owner about the package, he told me that Body Champ did an excellent job regarding packaging; everything was tightly secured in one flat box. Although personally, I pity the courier, since the box’s weight was about 90 pounds.

According to him, the assembly was quite easy and it should not take one person more than an hour. This is good news, considering the difficulties users had with some concurrent power towers.

My Experience – Please Do Not Wobble!

Body Champ Multi Function Power Tower (VKR1987)

Some of my readers already know that I’m an amateur callisthenic so naturally, the dip station came first. The dip bars are pretty standard, sturdy, yet the handles could be a little bit thicker.

7 different adjustable positions will certain come handy if several people / family members will be using it.

Next, the pull up grips. Personally, I love power towers with both, wide and narrow options. Unfortunately, Body Champ power tower does not have straight chin up bar, but most of the exercises can be done with wide and narrow pull-ups.

If you’d prefer power tower with a pull up bar, take a look at Lx Free tower. I was also please to see that the power tower has great base, it did not wobble at all.

Note: the power tower was placed on a carpet.

Next, the back-pad. It was used as a support for my back during knee-raises. While it did the job, it is certainly quite smaller in comparison to similar towers. Bigger guys might not actually feel much of a support there.

The great uncommon addition – the abs straps – were next to test. I can tell you right away that they are of great quality. While I would not personally recommend them to a beginner, they are a great addition indeed.

The last but not least is the sit-up bar. It is small, yet sturdy and does the job, even if you have bigger feet. Sit-up bars are not that common among power towers, so definitely a plus.

However, what I personally miss are push-up bars. They are not included in this particular power tower.

Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy, stable construction
  • Adjustable height (7 positions) for dip station
  • Wide and narrow pull-up grips
  • Sit-up bar included
  • 2 Abs straps included
  • 2 Inverted Pull-up strings included


  • Does not have pull-bar bar, only grips
  • Missing push-bar grips at the bottom
  • Short warranty period


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Our Rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5 / 5

I’m not going to lie here – it depends. If you do not mind the missing pull-bar and grips are enough for you and you meet the weight support, then this particular power tower is definitely worth getting. Do not forget to check other power tower reviews as well.

Paul J

Last Updated on August 19, 2021