Why Are Kettlebells So Expensive? (Gear Prices Explained)

Kettlebells are types of free weights or dumbbells with an arched handle and a flat base. It resembles a handled cannonball, or a spoutless teapot, thus the name 'Kettlebell.'

Unlike dumbbells, the center of mass of a kettlebell goes beyond your hand. As a result, they are highly effective in enhancing your cardiovascular strength and fitness. But why are kettlebells so expensive? This guide is here to help you understand!

Multiple factors decide the price of a kettlebell; here are some that have the highest impact on the price:

Why Are Kettlebells So Expensive

Manufacturing Process & Materials 

Typically, iron is the primary ingredient of every freeload. It makes them sturdy and superior since it has higher convenience for getting adequate exercise. Similarly, kettlebells are also made of iron.

Since iron is among the most expensive metals in the market, it significantly determines the kettlebell's cost. Moreover, another factor that makes kettlebells expensive is the weight distribution and manufacturing process. They are much heavier than dumbbells and any other workout load; thus, they need a greater quantity of iron.

The Coating 

Another factor that contributes to the kettlebell cost is its coating. If your weight is only bare iron, it will make an awful lot of noise when slamming down on the gym floor. They can also rust over time.

Hence, suppliers avoid this issue by coating them in various materials. Popular kettlebell coating options include:

  • Chrome 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Black oxide 
  • Rubber 
  • Urethane 
  • Powder-coated steel 

Steel options may be average priced, but they still make noise and have high chances of wear and tear. Chrome can provide a sleek and pleasant appearance, but it can also chip away easily and get slippering when wet.

Meanwhile, rubber can start getting smelly over time; therefore, many recommend urethane due to lower chances of tears, and they do not make a lot of noise.

Supply & Demand 

You will see lines of free weights with dumbbells when you walk into a gym. However, kettlebells are a less common sight. The same scene can also be observed in a home gym. However, they are rarely used in home workouts or gymnasiums.

Therefore, many manufacturers have increased the price to meet the high demand due to their rare existence. This is why there is a significant difference in the per-pound cost of kettlebells and dumbbells. The rarity of kettlebells in the market is the principal reason for their high price.

If you want to read a more thorough guide on kettlebells vs dumbbells, check out our detailed article!

Brand Value 

Multiple well-known brands manufacture various types of kettlebells. And these kettlebells differ from each other, considering the quality and raw materials needed.

Therefore, the leading brands know how to produce high-end quality kettlebells to meet customer demands. 

two rogue fitness powder coated steel kettlebells

If you need a high-quality kettlebell pair, you must pay a lump sum in cases like these. The higher the quality, the more expensive the kettlebell will be. It also depends on the brand that manufactures the weight; that is why Ader kettlebells are more expensive than Rogue kettlebells.


These days, people are constantly conscious of their weight and health. In fact, keeping the body fit via exercise has become an ordinary matter for the masses. Due to the increasing popularity of home workouts and gyms globally, the demand for freeloads has also increased.

Due to this, along with other equipment, the demand for kettlebells increases every day. As a result, their popularity is also growing, and due to the worldwide popularity of kettlebells, their production is presumed to accelerate.

All of this results in them becoming more expensive and their prices increasing more and more.

Shipping Cost 

As pointed out before, kettlebells are typically produced from heavy metals and iron. That is why they are heavier than usual. As a result of the material used, it becomes pretty challenging to maintain their shipping correctly. This process requires more workers, more labor, and extra cost.  

For these reasons, shipping to multiple countries makes the process painstaking and expensive. Therefore, the price is relatively increased when shipped to cover the labor and extra cost.

kettlebell sitting next to a gym mat

Expensive Vs Cheap Kettlebells: Is There A Difference?

Since the structure of a kettlebell varies from its close relative, the dumbbell, you must balance it with your body while doing an exercise.

And since you will be lifting weights and simultaneously working on your balance, the muscle groups will be stimulated much more and significantly increase the effectiveness of your training. With all these great benefits of getting a kettlebell, investing in high-quality kettlebells with high to medium prices is not a waste of money.

Kettlebells are made for heavy weightlifting workouts, making tangible impacts unavoidable. Due to this, their complete construction must have on-par standards, with over-the-top sturdiness and excellent chip resistance, break, and rust. All these desired characteristics will be achieved using high-quality finishes and metals; however, this might impact the product's final cost.

On the other hand, when we talk about the least expensive kettlebells or low-cost products, like those marketed by manufacturers from China for around $1/lb., they will not survive the arduous cycle.

Whether advertised like this or sometimes exaggerated with incredible longevity and durability, you will always get what you pay for, like any other product you get from the market.

cheap kettlebell

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is buying a kettlebell worth it?  

Kettlebells provide you with strength plus cardio workouts in one. Whenever you combine cardio and strength, you will burn more calories. Kettlebells help you achieve this with every move, so you will burn higher calories than usual whenever you workout. Take a look at our detailed article on what muscles kettlebells wings work for more info!

Why are kettlebells more expensive than dumbbells?  

Kettlebells are heavier than other workout loads, including dumbbells. That is why a greater quantity of iron is required to manufacture them. Thus, the more iron used, the more expensive your kettlebell will be.  

What is the most expensive material a kettlebell is made of? 

Steel kettlebells have better durability than cast iron ones; however, iron with steel casting is the most expensive material used for kettlebells. In addition, steel is much more malleable, and it can be made into multiple sizes irrelevant of weight change.


Kettlebells have become increasingly popular due to the number of people gearing up for home workout routines and gyms. 

They offer the perfect workout duo of strength training plus cardio. We hope this guide was able to help you understand why kettlebells are so expensive but the right choice for your workout routine!

Last Updated on April 10, 2023

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