What To Eat After an Ab Workout

Ever wondered what exactly should you eat after an ab workout? Abdominal workout is one of the toughest there is and if one’s doing it, having a proper food after the workout is quite important.

eat after an ab workout

Summer season is right in front us, so now, more than ever people are working on their abs. If the goal is not only to strengthen abdominal muscles, but also to decrease belly fat percentage and get regenerated more quickly, then eating properly is a huge part of the process, so let’s discuss what exactly should we eat after an abdominal workout.

Don’t forget,  if you workout hard, you sweat a lot, which means you are losing a lot of water from your body, which needs to be refilled. Don’t forget to drink fluids during the workout. If you do forget, I would suggest having at least two cups of water after your exercise. Should you drink only water during a workout? You can find out here.

Proteins Over Carbs, Right? Well, no.

It turns out that carbohydrates are just as important as proteins in an average meal. But let’s dive into that in more details.

Simple Carbs vs. Complex Carbs

A carbohydrate is a major macro-nutrient and according to medical studies, it is one of the primary sources of energy in human body. Carbohydrates are divided into two groups:

simple carbohydrates
Simple Carbs are basically sugars.

Every simple carbohydrate is made of one, or possibly two sugar molecules (hence the name, simple). They are also the quickest way of energy, because they are very easily digested and will produce the energy in the form of glucose to the bloodstream right away, the energy is stored in our cells as glycogen and if not used immediately, it gets converted to fat.

Simple carbs often lack vitamins and minerals (not in case of fruits) and are generally considered “weight-gainers”. I guess I don’t have to tell you twice the first place the extra fat will be stored in is your lower belly.

Examples: some fruits, candy, desserts, sugary drinks, sugared cereals, baked treats, white bread

Complex Carbs are, guess what, more complex.

Their molecular and chemical structure is more intricate and they are harder to digest. Energy is released over a longer period of time. If you are going for a healthy and lengthy life, you should focus more on complex carbohydrates. 

Examples: Whole-grain bread, bran cereals, fresh fruits, most vegetables (green), oatmeal, brown rice, potatoes, pasta

So what should you eat after the abs workout? Definitely go for complex carbs-based food, like vegetables, fruits, oatmeal or make yourself a shake with these ingredients.

Proteins For Muscle Growth!

Without protein, you would not be able to move, bend or do any kind of movement whatsoever, as it is the structural support for your body. Protein ensures muscle growth and regeneration, while also protects your bones and blood vessels by keeping them healthy. It has the ability to synthesize hormones and enzymes. It also keeps your fluid balance in check.

eggs - protein

Personally, I would prefer having shake with protein powder and low-fat milk. Otherwise, you can go for eggs, lean cuts of pork, tofu, legumes, beans, or just grab a handful of nuts. I would suggest avoiding fatty meat and basically any fried food.


In short, we have explained what can protein and various carbohydrates do to your body, which ones are preferred in a long run and also how to avoid (or at least limit) unnecessary fat and fatty foods that can be a huge blocker for your summer six-pack. I hope that you know what to eat after an ab workout now.

Paul J

Last Updated on August 20, 2021