What Are The Best Supplements For Those On The Ketogenic Diet?

If you’re on the ketogenic diet or are just thinking about starting it, then you need to look into adding supplements to your daily routine. Choosing the best supplements for ketogenic diet can be tough. You need to know which ones will provide the most benefits in order to add in nutrients that aren’t getting because you’re dieting.

Best Supplements for Ketogenic Diet

Before we get into the best supplements for ketogenic diet, we first need to explain what this diet consists of. People who want to lose weight by burning their body’s fat stores, as well as those who want to increase their fitness levels (like bodybuilders) tend to follow the keto diet.

It consists of eating a very small amount of carbohydrates and dairy while focusing on lean protein and healthy fats. This will send the body into a state of ketosis, and the fat stores become used for energy.

It’s a great way to lose weight without doing any extreme dieting. But what about the best supplements for ketogenic diet? You’ll need to understand why they are so important.

Why You Need Supplements

Supplements are designed to add in crucial components that your diet lacks. Even people who are vegan need to take supplements, as well as those who plan on upping their fitness levels or are dieting.

This means that people who are on this particular diet need to take the best supplements for ketogenic diet. There are a certain amount of nutrients that your body needs to have in order to function, and these supplements fill in those gaps. 

While there are multivitamins that you can take, which contain a number of different essential vitamins and minerals, it’s recommended that those on the keto diet seek out individual supplements – those that consist of only one compound – in order to better control the dosage.

The Best Supplements for Ketogenic Diet

Some of the best supplement for ketogenic diet are:


Magnesium is the best supplement for ketogenic diet because many of the foods that contain it also have a high amount of carbohydrates. On the keto diet, you’ll need to avoid many vegetables, beans, and fruits, all of which have plenty of magnesium in them. Look for a 200 to 400-milligram magnesium supplement to make up for this loss.

Vitamin D

This is a vitamin that’s commonly found in dairy products, like milk and cheeses. Those on the keto diet usually limit how much of these items they eat, so a supplement is needed to fill in the gaps. Look for a supplement that contains both vitamin D and calcium, but have your blood tested to see your vitamin D levels before you decide how much it to take. You don’t want to overdo it.


Many people on the keto diet take MCT oil. This is one of the best supplements for ketogenic diet because it adds to the number of healthy fats that you eat. It can also keep your body in ketosis. It’s recommended that you start out with a small dose of MCT oil (which is usually made from coconuts) each day, such as one teaspoon.

If your body tolerates it well, you can go up to around three teaspoons, slowly increasing the amount. You can also put MCT oil in your smoothies.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You’ve probably heard of the impact of Omega-3 fatty acids on heart health. This supplement is great for people on the keto diet as well, since it lowers your triglycerides and helps you maintain a healthy fatty acid ratio (Omega-3 to Omega-6), despite your high-fat diet.

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Last Updated on August 20, 2021