8 Best Suspension Trainers On The Market (2023 Reviews)

Suspension training systems have become very popular in recent years. These systems are great for people who prefer to work out in their onsite home gym, but are looking for a unique workout with the same exercise benefits they'd get in a commercial gym environment.

When shopping around for the best suspension trainers, the problem lies in the number of suspension trainer on the market. There are so many to choose from, so how do you know which one is the best suspension trainer for you?

The products on this list are a great place to start!

Best Suspension Trainers

What Are Suspension Trainers?

Before buying a suspension trainer, it helps to begin by answering this question with some background on these devices.

Suspension trainers consist of a set of straps and handles that are literally suspended off of the floor, generally mounted from the wall or ceiling. Imagine the ring routines that you see male gymnastics performing and you’ll have the general gist of these workout devices.

The idea behind a suspension trainer is that it works your core muscles as well as the muscles in your arms by having you do exercises that enhance your flexibility, add to your strength, and give you a better sense of balance.

Suspension Trainer Buyer's Guide

Material & Construction

Generally, these systems consist of sturdy nylon straps with handles at the end. The handles tend to be covered in foam-like material for a more comfortable grip, and the mounting system consist of heavy-duty metal attachments for strong anchoring to the wall or ceiling. 

Grip Quality

Most suspension trainer workouts require hand strength and movement. For this reason, it's important to pay close attention to the quality of the grips before buying. Cheap grips made from low-quality materials can irritate your palms and fingers and even affect your grip on the handles. 

Trainer Length

The length of the trainer strap should be easy to adjust, and it's important to confirm that the straps are long enough to accommodate your workouts. If you plan on needing a lot of space for a series of suspension trainer workouts, then look for a pair that can be extended to 8+ feet. 

Mounting Mechanism

You have your choice of choosing a system that attaches to a pull-up bar, a door frame, or even the ceiling or the upper part of the wall in your home gym. If you prefer not to screw anything into the wall or ceiling, then your best option is to attach the trainer to a ceiling or wall-mounted pull-up bar. 

Weight Capacity

Depending on your suspension trainer exercises, you could be putting your entire body weight into these workouts. Make sure to choose a model that can support your full weight as well as any additional weights or resistance mechanisms you plan on using. 


The best suspension trainers can be adjusted in length and secured into place by a buckle system. To ensure that you trainers don't shift position, which can potentially lead to injury, find a pair that comes with a sturdy buckling system that keeps them in place. 

Other Inclusions

Many trainers come with add-ons, like a convenient carrying bag for easy storage and a booklet or instructional pamphlet on how to use the product. 

8 Best Suspension Trainers Reviewed

So, which one is the best suspension trainer for you? Read on to find out which ones I highly recommend adding to your home gym or watch our YouTube video below where we review the top 3 models on the market. 

1. TRX All in One Suspension Training System

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The TRX All in One Suspension Training System is at the top of list of the best suspension trainers because it’s incredibly versatile. The system comes with both indoor and outdoor anchors, as well as a number of extras, including a workout guide and a mesh travel bag.

With the TRX All in One Suspension Training System, you can work out on the go. This one is the top candidate from our research and use. The sturdy design is mandatory with suspension trainers but this brand excel's in strap quality. The straps or buckles can seem a little tricky to slide up and down at first but this offers reliability that they won't slip when you are doing exercises. 

The All-in-One system includes a set of attached handgrips with lead straps, a mesh travel bag, and the aforementioned anchors. The indoor anchors are made to fit on the top a door frame, while the outdoor ones will work well with a tree branch, a pole or basically anywhere. 

The hand grips are made of sturdy nylon and can support up to 350 pounds. These grips are also extremely comfortable and will not cause blisters on your hands for even the most rigorous workouts. 

As you’ll see with the others on this list of the best suspension trainers, most products have a a few pros and cons, but the TRX All in One Suspension Training System is the most reliable and high-quality model on our list. 

Our rating: 4.7 Star Rating 4.7 / 5


  • Made of sturdy nylon
  • Can support 350 pounds
  • Comes with two sets of anchors
  • Portable, thanks to the included bag


  • The nylon straps aren’t the most comfortable to grip
  • Only comes in one color combination – yellow and black


RECOIL S2 PRO - Premium Quality Suspension...
  • PUSH BUTTON ADJUSTMENT: The quickest and...

Recently we’ve tried out the newer Recoil S2 PRO suspension trainer in our garage gym. This particular trainer differs in several ways from the rest on this list and we will highlight all the details below.

As the name suggests, the unit comes with its own recoil system, which allows the users to release, lock and recoil the straps. You can easily set the length you desire, then lock it with the push of a button.

The straps also adjust evenly on both sides – no need to adjust each strap manually. The useable adjustment range is 9 feet if you include the lashing strap, which is enough for every possible exercise.

Thanks to the recoil design the trainer is ‘tangle-free’, which is quite useful as it saves space and makes the portability more convenient. Despite all this the system is very user friendly and you will master it in a matter of minutes.

The straps themselves are of great quality and come with durable rubber non-slip grips, which end up with the loop straps designed for leg exercises. The max user weight is 330 Lbs and there is an exercise booklet and many free videos on the brands website for those who are needing assistance. 

Recoil S2 Pro suspension trainer is a professional system which comes in two boxes that are very well packed and it also comes with a bag that has its own spring hook, which can be used on doors, in case you can’t use the system on a ceiling or wall. The unit also comes with instructions and exercise manual. 

It is another high-priced suspension trainer but is also one that rivals the TRX for quality and comfort.

Our rating: 4.7 Star Rating 4.7 / 5


  • Unique recoil system that sets, locks and recoils desired length with a push of a button
  • Even strap adjustment
  • Tangle-free design
  • Included bag with a spring hook
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors
  • High quality straps and grips


  • Heavy – the recoil system on its own weights 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg), which can be an inconvenience in case you use it outdoors on daily basis
  • Price – the suspension trainer is quite pricey, although this can be expected due to unique recoil design and quality of the materials used

3. Lifeline Jungle Gym Body Weight Suspension

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT Split Anchor Body...
  • Lightweight resistance training alternative...
  • Low impact workouts great for rehab

The Lifeline Jungle Gym Body Weight Suspension made our list of the best suspension trainers for several reasons. It comes with industrial strength straps but is very affordable when compared to our top 2 choices. It also has a split anchor design that allows for greater flexibility during workouts.

The Lifeline Jungle Gym Body Weight Suspension comes with two door anchors (not just one) which allows you to place the straps further apart. This increases the number of workouts that it can handle.

On top of this, it comes in an unforgettable red and black color combination and each strap is easily adjustable. The system attaches with plastic “lugs” that fit into between the door jamb and the door. They can also be attached to the straps when wound around something like a pull-up bar.

Although the Lifeline Jungle Gym Body Weight Suspension can’t support the weight of some of the other contenders on this list of the best home suspension trainers, it is a good addition to a basic homegym set up.

Our rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Strap length adjusts in seconds
  • The system is very portable
  • The handles have foam padding


  • Can’t support a lot of weight
  • The foot straps are built into the handles, making them tricky to use

4. INTENT SPORTS Bodyweight Max Trainer

The suspension trainer by INTENT SPORTS made it to our list because of the combination of its design, features, quality and affordability.

These trainers are very simply, yet elegantly designed to get the best possible exercise for your core. They are equipped with anchors which can be attached to a door, rafter beam, tree, or any other secure structure.

The anchors are reinforced for maximum weight support of 350 lbs and have anti-slip design. Besides the standard grips, which are made of quality foam, you will also get removable foot straps for additional exercises. The straps are adjustable with the maximum length of 7 feet.

Besides the trainer you will get a carrying bag, product guide, e-Book and access to 77 workout videos. INTENT SPORTS suspension trainer is very good choice at the right price.

Our rating: 4-7 Star Rating 4.7 / 5


  • High quality straps with 350 lbs support
  • Easy adjustability
  • Foot straps are removable
  • Affordable
  • Free bag, guides and workout videos


  • The door anchors might be too thick for certain door types

5. NOSSK Twin PRO Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer

The NOSSK Twin PRO Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer is on the list of the best suspension trainer systems because it comes with everything you need in order to do a full suspension workout in your homegym.

This is one of the best home suspension trainers, thanks to the fact that it comes with handles and foot loops. This means that you don’t have to get overly creative when you want to do bridge exercises or others that require you to put your feet in the straps.

Although the NOSSK Twin PRO Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer is designed to be used indoors only, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthy. It supports up to 300 pounds and consists of military-grade webbing.

Our rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5 / 5


  • Can support up to 300 pounds
  • Made of military-grade webbing
  • Handles have foam padding
  • Strap lengths are adjustable


  • Only designed for indoor use
  • Cannot be mounted on a wall – only designed for over-the-door use

6. Ultimate Body Press Resistance Trainer & Pull Up Bar

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar &...
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The Ultimate Body Press body weight resistance trainer & pull up bar has made the list of the best suspension trainers because it offers extra workout capabilities that are needed for any serious home gym setup.

The handles are very comfortable to grip and it also comes with a fold-out pamphlet, containing 23 various exercises with 'how to' guides. By combining the resistance trainer with the pull up bar, you are sure to workout all those small muscles in the shoulders and arms. 

The Ultimate Body Press Body Weight Resistance Trainer provides one of the best suspension trainers on our list. Both straps are separated in the package, giving you more leeway as to how you choose to use them. It can be a bit tricky when they’re combined and strung onto the same anchor because this can inhibit your movement.

These blue straps with black accents are fully adjustable, come with six-foot extensions, and can be set up with single or multi-point anchors, based on the exercises that you plan to do in your homegym.

Our rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5 / 5


  • Padded, lay-flat handles
  • Flexible anchoring system
  • Can support a good amount of weight
  • Come with strap extensions


  • Only come in one color – blue with dark accents
  • The anchoring system can be a bit tricky to set up

7. Human Trainer Suspension Bands Trainer Kit

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Another on the list of the best suspension trainers is the Human Trainer Suspension Bands Essential Trainer Kit. Don’t let the long name fool you as this 'new to market' product is as reliable as its more established counterparts. This 'essential' training kit is a suspension trainer – and one of the best home suspension full package style trainers at that.

The Human Trainer Kit consists of two handle straps, two door anchors, two-foot cradles, , one mesh bag (which makes it portable), and one start-up guide/user manual. Thanks to the guide, you’ll have this up and running in your homegym in no time flat.

The length of the straps can be fully adjusted, and as long as you fully tighten the buckle, they are very safe. They were designed to be used in conjunction with doors as the anchor is secure enough for all serious home workouts. 

Our rating: 4.4 Star Rating 4.4 / 5


  • 2 year warranty
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Heavy duty nylon and metal carabiner construction
  • Come with foot cradles and hand straps


  • Not the easiest to set up
  • The adjustable straps must be fully buckled once you have them at your desired length

8. GoFit Gravity Straps

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The GoFit Gravity Straps made this list of the best home suspension trainers because they are simple to use and set up. They also are designed to fit over a doorway, ensuring that you don’t need any other expensive workout equipment in order to use them.

The GoFit Gravity Straps come in a set that includes two straps with door anchors, two detachable handles, two ankle cradles, a training manual, and a mesh travel bag. This is basically all that you need in order to get started.

On top of this, the GoFit Gravity Straps can support up to 300 pounds. The straps are made of polypropylene and have metal D-rings. The handles have foam padding, making them very comfortable to use.

Our rating: 4.2 Star Rating 4.2 / 5


  • Designed to anchor over a doorway
  • Each strap has an anchor attached, making it more secure
  • Padded foam handles
  • Separate ankle cradles


  • Can only be used indoors
  • Only attach to doors that can be locked or latched shut

Recommended Suspension Trainer Workouts

There are a number of exercises that you can do with your suspension trainer. Here are 10 of the most popular:

  • Single Leg Lunges
  • The Running Man
  • The Bridge
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Reverse Ab Curls
  • Pikes
  • The Sit Up to Curl
  • Push Ups
  • Pistol Squats
  • Squat to High Rows

Which one is the best suspension trainer workout? That depends on what you want to accomplish. This video of the top 25 exercises goes into even more detail on different workouts that can be performed with the best suspension trainers on the market:

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What are the benefits of using a suspension trainer?

There are many benefits to using a suspension trainer at home, but the 3 main perks include enhanced muscles engagement, challenging core training, and improved mobility/flexibility.

How many times per week should you use a suspension trainer?

This depends entirely on your fitness goals, but if you want to see results, then it's recommended that you use your trainer regularly. This means at least 3 weekly sessions. 

Is TRX suspension training worth it?

The TRX trainer is an excellent choice, but it's also an expensive one. So, is it worth it?

As long as you have the money to spend, then yes, the TRX model for suspension training is worth every penny. It can handle a great deal of weight, it has quick and easy setup, and using one comes with a lot of benefits - like muscle building, fat burning, and better flexibility. We recommend buying it from the brands website as they give excellent discounts for new customers. See the latest prices here.


The best suspension trainers are those that consist of sturdy straps, comfortable handles, and durable anchoring systems. 

Each of the trainers reviewed here made the list because they support a good amount of weight while allowing users to perform a variety of different suspension trainer exercises.

You can’t go wrong with any of the products mentioned here, but my favorite is the model by TRX.

Last Updated on January 18, 2023