How to Get a Quality Good Night Sleep

I believe every single person who ever stumbled upon articles or guides about muscle building already knows that sleep is a very important part of every fitness regime. There have been a lot of studies confirming the benefits of a quality sleep.

But what if you have a hard time to have a quality sleep? What if you wake up 5-6 times during your sleep all stressed out? I have put together several tips that might help you with this particular problem.


6 Tips for Better Sleep

I have prepared these 6 tips for you:

1) Exercising

Yep, that’s right. One of the problems you might not be getting a quality sleep or be able to fall asleep at all might be that your body is simply not tired. This is a regular problem that many people experience mainly due to 9-5 office jobs that offer very little physical movements. Proper exercise might tire out your body in a good way, meaning it will be anxious to get a good sleep.

2) Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol Before Going to Bed

Alcohol and caffeine products like black tea, coffee and energy drinks are stimulants for your brain that cause wakefulness, brain alertness and hyperactivity. I’d suggest avoiding these products at least 2-3 hours before going to bed.

3) Avoid Eating Calorie-Rich Foods Before Sleep

While there are certain benefits of going to bed on a full stomach (like weight-gaining for people who have trouble gain weight), it makes falling asleep a lot harder. Your organs are trying their best to process the food you just ate, which may interrupt the stadium of relaxation. It’s also quite uncomfortable to fall asleep when you are lying face down, on your stomach.

Another issue is eating Tyrosine-rich foods, since tyrosine acts as a brain stimulant. I’d suggest eating no later than 2 hours before going to bed.

4) Environment

Having proper environment is essential for a good night sleep. There are several aspects that can interfere with comfortable sleeping environment, such as incorrect temperature of the room, too much light (either from surroundings or from outside through windows), noise and also waves from electronic devices.

In regard to the last one, one might considerer turning off Wi-Fi on your phone. For example, my bedroom is completely devoid of electronic devices, except for an alarm clock. For me personally, it made a difference when I moved my office laptop from my bedroom to the living room.

5) Don’t Play with Phone or Watch TV in Bed

Playing on your phone for longer periods of time in bed or watching TV might program your brain the way that bed is a place for TV and phone and not for sleep. I’d suggest avoiding watching TV in bed completely and limit using cell phone as much as possible.

6) Meditate

I believe a short meditation is one of the most underestimated practices one can do before going to bed. If you are going to bed right after having an argument or watching TV, you are taking emotions from these events with you directly to your dream-world.

Since your mind didn’t have a chance to deal with these emotions in the waking state, it will try to solve its problems subconsciously in your dreams. If the emotions were powerful, it will most likely result in powerful and often violent dreams, which can wake you up several times during night.

That’s why I’d recommend a short meditation or relaxation before going to bed – to simply still your mind.

This method is actually ancient and its variety, called The Evening Meditation was practiced by Stoics and also well-known Pythagoras. The purpose of the evening meditation was to reflect and review events of your day, every day, before going to sleep. It not only calms your mind, it also increases self-reflection and helps you focus on your goals in the waking state.

You might also consider listening to relaxing and calm music for at least several minutes before going to sleep, as it will still and relax your mind. You can of course use the combination of music and meditation, whatever suits your best.


I personally practice the evening meditation for about two years now, if not daily then at least several times a week and from my own experience I can tell you that it works like a charm. But that’s just me.

In any case, hopefully these tips were of some help to you and you will be able to get your much deserved good night sleep now.

Paul J

Last Updated on August 20, 2021