9 Abs Exercises That You Can Do Anywhere

For some time now I’ve been looking for several simple, yet effective pack abs exercises that can be done anywhere. There are plenty of articles and YouTube videos online, but how can you know which ones are effective and not hurting you in the long run? Well – try them for a week.

That’s how I landed on OFFICIALTHENX’s channel and checkout out several of his videos and one in particular has caught my attention. In the video he presents 9 abs exercises that can be done at your home or even in the office if you dare. I’ll post the video below and also describe each exercise.

Chris advises to do every exercise for 45 seconds. I’ve tried all of them for 45 seconds and failed. Personally, I don’t think 45 seconds is for beginners. You can try that out and if it proves too much, try 30 seconds per exercise instead. Anyway, here they are:

High knee taps, or high knees is a simple exercise where you ‘run’ at the same place with your knees high, preferably up to your navel’s height.

2. Russian Twists

Second exercise on the list is called Russian Twists. Basically you sit down on the floor and hold straight above the floor (the feet should be about 8 inches (cca 20 cm) from the floor). Your back should be angled about 45 degrees to the opposite side. Now you will keep twisting and touching each side of the floor with your hands for 45 seconds. The entire time keep your core straight.

3. Leg Raises

The 3rd exercise of the 9 abs exercises is called leg raises. Lay down with your back and buttock touching the floor. Your hands can be placed under the buttocks. Keep your head above the floor, so you can see your belly and legs. Now keep your legs straight and move them all the way up (90 degrees) and all the way down, just a few inches above the ground. Repeat.

4. Hip Raises

Another exercises on the list is called hip raises. Initial position is very similar to leg raises. Your hands can be placed on the floor next to your legs.

Now straighten your legs, then bring them to your belly, bending the legs the way so thighs are at 90 degrees, while calves and feet remain at 190 degrees. Once there, with the support of your hands, bring your lower back up about ten inches. Do as many as you can within the 45 seconds time period.

5. Flutter Kicks

Once again, the initial position is the same as with leg raises, but there are two differences. First is that you will not be bringing both your legs up at the same time, but interchanging each leg. Second difference is that you will bring them only about 45 degrees high. That’s it. Repeat for 45 seconds.

6. Plank Knees to Elbow

On the floor get to the plank position. Now stay in there and bring your left knee to your arms, angled at 30-45 degrees.

7. Chair Sit Ups

The initial position is very similar to the first part of hip raises. Lay down on the floor with your thighs up at 90 degrees, while calves and feet are at 180 degrees. Now touch your right shoulder with your left hand and pull with your right straightened hand to your right knee, at about 45 degrees. After half the time, switch arms.

8. Seated In and Outs

The 8th exercise is called seated in and outs. Sit on the floor with your arms straight just above your back. Keep your legs straight a few inches above the floor and now pull down to your belly, bending them, then back to the straight position. Repeat for 45 seconds.

9. Jumping Jacks

The 9th and last exercises on Chris’ list is called jumping jacks. You will be basically jumping with your legs spread wide and your hands touching overhead, at the same time. From my own experience I can tell that this is a perfect finish exercise.


That’s it. I’ve personally tried these 9 abs exercises for some time and grew a bit addicted to them, since they improve your abs and the entire core in a very short period of time. If you would rather prefer some exercises tools to help you out, I can recommend ab roller. However, be sure to check proper exercises with it.

Last Updated on August 20, 2021