3 Basic Exercises That Can Be Done Anywhere

Time. There is never enough of it. Or is there? While I personally do not agree with the ‘Not-Enough-Time’ philosophy, as I believe it’s about priorities, I agree that there are certainly days when you just can’t make that workout, or yoga class, or go for a run. This can be frustrating in case of monthly or weekly challenges, or simply because you want to workout.

Basic Exercises

Anywhere? Yep, Anywhere.

Thankfully, there are some exercises that you can do anywhere, even at the office. They usually take only a few minutes and are beneficial to your health. I will outline each of them below.

Push Ups

Probably the most known basic exercise. Push-ups can be practiced anywhere, even on a street if you do not care about the opinion of pedestrians. J . The exercise has many benefits. This is a perfect exercise if you sit at one place for several hours.

It activates most of your muscles that can become sore over time. The main focus is on your chest, back, triceps, shoulders and hand grip. You don’t have to do a lot of push-ups, but regularity is important. 10-20 push-ups a day can have a huge beneficial impact on your body.


The myth that squats are useless if you are not using heavyweight is really, just a myth. Doing ‘empty’ squats can have huge beneficial impact on your body. While it is true that doing squats improves mainly your leg muscles, it also improves your core and mobility and overall balance.

They also burn fat and boost your overall sport performance.And the best part? You can do squats anywhere. If you are feeling sore in the office, doing just 10 squats every few hours will not only provide above mentioned benefits, but also wakes you up!


Crunches focus on your core strength, mainly on abdominal muscles. This comes with a number of benefits, since abdominal muscles stabilize mid-section of the body, which helps you to maintain good posture.

Powerful body core is also necessary when performing exercises when you twist and rotate along, like martial arts, calisthenics and yoga. I don’t think anyone can blame you for strengthening your core with 10-20 crunches a day in your office, right?


These are just 3 of many exercises that help you in many ways and can be practiced anywhere. You also don’t have to do a lot of series. Just a few a day can improve your muscles, posture, self-discipline and self-esteem.

Last Updated on November 8, 2021